Presentation - About the Faculty

The Faculty of Sports and Physical Education within the “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi provides for two different specialisations: one in Sports and Physical Education and the other in Kinetic Therapy and Special Motricity. These two specialisations train students towards becoming teachers of sports and physical education, coaches, kinetic therapists or sports instructors whose mission is to educate children and teenagers within the educational system and sport area. The entire life-learning process has required scientific organisation and foundation in compliance with the academic discipline principles and laws since man’s birth. Physical education is part of a life-long learning process and its role is to maintain optimal health.

Professionals in kinetic therapy are provided with knowledge in recovery and post traumatic therapy.

There is a three-year degree and the graduates are awarded a BA in sports and physical education or in kinetic therapy, respectively. Our faculty also provide three-year part-time studies in sports and physical education.

The learning process complies with the European Credit Transfer System and the students can attend non-mandatory academic disciplines within the psycho pedagogical module providing them with teaching skills and allowing them to teach in pre-higher and higher education.

The BA graduates can further attend accredited Master’s degree programmes, both in sports and physical education (full-time education or distance learning) and in kinetic therapy and special motricity.
The Faculty of Sports and Physical Education owns modern facilities for theoretic learning and practical training, teaching rooms and lecture theatres, teaching offices and a comprehensive library and they all provide for a quality education.

Another activity within the Faculty of Sports and Physical Education is the scientific research following the strategic plan of the university and being capitalised through scientific articles, reports and monographs. Outcomes of our researches are nationally and internationally recognised.   
The Faculty of Sports and Physical Education develops several cooperation agreements with universities of France, Portugal, Republic of Moldova and Germany within the European LLP-Erasmus Programme, as well as with other Sports and Physical Education Faculties of Romania.